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Statesmen Project is a Project of BBTA, Inc. a Delaware Not for Profit Corporation operating under IRS Code Section 501(C)(4) for educational and social welfare purposes. Contributions are not tax deductible.


Lawfare has become a powerful tool to silence critics, influence legal precedents, and reshape societal norms.

Prosecutors are rarely held accountable for violating citizens' civil and constitutional rights due to prosecutorial immunity.

If we the people must follow the law, then the government must follow the Constitution.

Our Fund is for strategic litigation focused on constitutional and civic justice. This includes identifying, funding, and supporting legal actions that aim to uphold democratic principles, protect civil rights, and ensure transparency in governance. The fund strategically engages in legal interventions to address systemic issues affecting constitutional and civic rights.

We support legal activity conducted at various levels digitally, spanning local, regional, and national scopes, depending on the nature and scope of the legal cases supported. Statesmen Fund operates digitally, across jurisdictions to address political and civic issues wherever there is a need for strategic litigation.

Our strategic litigation activity directly furthers our exempt purposes by actively engaging in educational and legal actions that promote the values of our democratic republic, protect civil rights, and enhance transparency in governance. By identifying and supporting impactful cases, the Statesmen Fund contributes to the development and enforcement of legal precedents that strengthen democratic principles, hold leaders accountable, and empower citizens to actively participate in shaping their civic environments.